Water tariffs

You may be eligible to receive help with your water bill. Wessex Water* offer the following support:

  • PC discount

  • Water sure plus

  • Assist

  • Restart

  • Water direct


PC discount

If you receive Pension Credit or if state pension is your only income, you may be able to get a discount of around 20% off your bill. For customers of Wessex Water only.

If you are not sure if you are eligible for Pension credit please get in touch and we can check for you.


Water Sure Plus

If you are a metered customer and have unavoidably high water use, WaterSure Plus might help you. You will qualify for WaterSure Plus if you receive one of the means-tested benefits and tax credits such as:

  • income support

  • income-related employment support allowance

  • working tax credit

  • pension credit

  • housing benefit

  • universal credit.


And you either:

  • receive child benefit for three or more children aged under 19 living in the household, or

  • have someone in the household with a medical condition causing them to use significantly more water.


Water Assist

Suitable if you: 

  • are in extreme financial difficulty 

  • cannot afford your water bill. 

Key features:

  • It means you pay a lower bill than normal based on your ability to pay. 

  • It can be used alongside our Restart scheme. 


Water Restart

Suitable if:

  • You have significant water debt you can't repay.

  • You can afford your ongoing water bills.

Key features

  • You pay the charges for the current year.

  • At the end of the year, we will reduce your debt by an equivalent amount.

  • Continue to pay your current charges in year two, we will clear your remaining debt.

  • It puts you back on track


Water Direct

If you are having short term problems paying, we can offer you a flexible payment plan.

You can pay less than you need towards your water bill for an agreed period of time and catch up on payments later.

Suitable if:

  • you are in debt with your water bill and receive benefits.

Key features:

  • You don’t have to remember to make payments. 

  • We will take no action to recover your debt while you are on Water Direct. 

  • You can pay any arrears directly from one of the following benefits: 

    • income support 

    • income-based jobseeker's allowance 

    • pension credit

    • universal credit.

*If Wessex Water is not your provider, you may find that your water company offers very similar support. Get in touch with us to find out.

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