The Priority Services Register

Would you like your utility providers to be aware of certain requirements in your home, i.e receiving communication in Braille OR keeping a young child or vulnerable person safe?


Would you benefit from extra support in the event of a power cut or water outage?

All suppliers offer a FREE Priority Services Register exactly for this reason. 

Regardless of who you pay your electricity bill to you will also have a Distribution Network Operator, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN*), who are responsible for maintaining the substations and power lines that bring electricity to your home. They are separate from your electricity supplier who hold their own priority list for other reasons. 

Power cuts are usually in the hands of the distributor NOT your supplier. The same applies to water outages which is the responsibility of Wessex water**. However it is also worth being on the register simply so that they know whether you need support in other ways; like your bill in a different format.


You qualify for this if you feel that you have any form of vulnerability or requirement; some examples include:

  • Being dependent on electricity or water for home medical equipment or mobility equipment.

  • If you are over 60

  • Having a long term illness or Disability

  • Have different communication needs (this includes language)

  • Have children under 5 


People on the Priority Services Register get advanced notice of any planned interruptions to their electricity or water supply - allowing the householder to make any necessary preparations. In the case of unplanned interruptions you will get a direct number to call to request any support you might need depending on the level of your dependency on your supply. 

Please click on the button below to complete a secure registration form. This will take you to the website of our partner, the Centre for Sustainable Energy where you can sign up to SSEN's and Wessex Water's Priority Services Register.

*For some postcodes your electricity distributor may actually be Western Power Distribution, who we also work very closely with. We will check this for you and sign you up to the appropriate one. 

**For some postcodes your water supplier will also be different. Get in touch to enquire.