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Priority Services Register


The Priority Services Register (PSR) is offered by all electricity and water companies. It offers extra help when there is a power cut or if your water supply suddenly stops.

We're working with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) and Wessex Water, but can sign you up to other utilities' PSRs if yours is different. 

The service is absolutely free, and households qualify if anyone living in the home has a vulnerability or special need, for example: 

  • Being dependent on electricity or water for home medical equipment or mobility equipment.

  • Aged over 60.

  • Having a long-term illness or disability

  • Have different communication needs (this includes language).

  • Aged under 5. 


When you're registered on the Priority Services Register you'll get advanced notice of any planned interruptions to your electricity or water supply, allowing you to prepare accordingly. In the case of unplanned interruptions - like a sudden power cut - you'll get a direct number to call to request any support you might need depending on the level of your dependency on your electricity or water supply. ​


To register, click on the button above. This will take you to a secure registration form on the website of our partner, the Centre for Sustainable Energy.




If you live in Wiltshire, regardless of who you pay your electricity bill to, your electricity is delivered to your house by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) or National Grid These are the companies, known as distribution network operators, who maintain the substations and power lines that bring electricity to your home, and who fix power cuts.

It is one or other of these companies whose Priority Services Register we will sign you up to. 



Most people in Wiltshire have their water supplied by Wessex Water, but some residents may have a different supplier. When you sign up, we will arrange for you to be placed on the Priority Services Register of whichever company supplies your house. 

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