How we have helped

Warm and Safe Wiltshire is a commitment by Wiltshire Council, Swindon Borough Council, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, in partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Energy. The initiative aims to give residents access to advice and support to improve energy efficiency and fire safety in the home.

Below are case studies that demonstrate how the partnership successfully works together to improve the lives of residents across Wiltshire. 


For more information contact Warm & Safe Wiltshire on 0800 038 5722

Mrs S


October 2018 

Mrs S was referred by a community care nurse as it was identified that her gas boiler wasn’t working and the nurse was worried about the coming winter. Mrs S has multiple health problems as well as severe mental health conditions. The nurse made a referral using Warm and Safe Wiltshire’s secure online referral form ( Mrs S was assigned a caseworker who looked to help with funding a new boiler.

The caseworker applied to one of Warm and Safe Wiltshire’s trusted boiler installers for them to access Energy Company funding. Mrs S was successful and received a free boiler upgrade worth £2,944.10 plus an annual energy bill saving of £190 due to the efficiency of the boiler compared to the old one.  

The caseworker also signed Mrs S up to the Priority Services Register with electricity distributor and water company to provide advice and support in the event of a power or water outage. The caseworker used their experience to discover that Mrs S wasn’t claiming all the benefits she was entitled to and helped her apply for them. This included Pension Credit premiums worth an additional £10,124.40 per year plus a back dated payment of £2944.10.

Mrs S now has an energy efficient boiler to help ensure she keeps warm during the winter and in total has received £16,957.80 in grants, benefits and bill savings.

Miss M


October 2018

Miss M called Warm and Safe Wiltshire to find out if she was eligible to claim the Warm Home Discount – £140 electricity credit. The caseworker confirmed her eligibility and made an application. In addition they confirmed that Miss M was also eligible to apply for the £300 Surviving Winter grant and they discovered  she was not claiming all the Personal Independence Payment premiums she was entitled to. Warm and Safe were able to help Miss M apply for these additional benefits.  

The financial impact for Miss M this year came to £4,823.60

Mrs K was referred to us by Age UK as her heating appeared to be broken and the temperature in her lounge was 15 degrees.


On visiting Mrs K we found her heating was a 30 year old back boiler and she had radiators in only half the house (lounge and hallway) along with a gas heater that she had been told not to use.  The controls for the boiler were in a very dark cupboard which was hard for Mrs K to see. The heating was not working and Mrs K had been without heat or hot water for a couple of weeks. She was on a prepayment meter and was paying approximately £20 a week for electricity and gas.  She had a very thin plywood back door with holes in it in leading from her kitchen which along with the lack of radiator made the room very cold and was stopping Mrs K spending time cooking and also worried her as a security issue. She had draughts from the poorly fitting front door and windows.


Firstly we helped Mrs K to find a heating engineer who was able to kick start the heating system again by unblocking a valve.  We then referred Mrs K for free draft proofing which was carried out by Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue along with a fire safety check.  They were also able to fit radiator panels behind the radiators on her external walls to help her get the most out of the heat being produced.


We submitted an application for grant funding towards a new heating system on behalf of Mrs K and she was awarded a full grant for a new combi boiler and two extra radiators to be added by Npower Health through Warmth scheme. This meant Mrs K now had heat in her bedroom and kitchen and she could immediately see a reduced cost in her electricity and gas meter top ups from the new more efficient combi boiler.


We also arranged for quotes to be carried out for a new back door and submitted funding applications for grants towards the cost for Mrs K.  [The outcome of the grant applications are pending.]


Lastly Mrs K was with an energy company who do not currently offer the Warm Home Discount rebate of £140 that Mrs K would be eligible for.  We therefore helped Mrs K to move to a cheaper company who do offer this rebate so that she can apply for this next winter.  As Mrs K has difficulty walking far we are also arranging to move her from her prepayment meter on to a standard meter which will allow her to access the cheaper energy deals and ease the worry about running out of credit.


Mrs K explains, “Warm & Safe Wiltshire have been such a help to me. I was referred to them when my heating broke and they helped me to access a grant for a new boiler and radiators. I have already noticed that my energy bills are lower since my new boiler was installed and I am feeling much warmer in my home also thanks to the draught proofing and new door.  I had no idea all this help was available.”

Warm and Safe Wiltshire case study

Mrs K 


June 2016


Mrs Smith 


March 2015



During the month of March Warm & Safe Wiltshire received a referral from the fire service for a Warm & Safe assessment to be carried out following a visit to the property to install where they carried out a Home Fire Safety Check and installed smoke detectors in the lady’s home.


The main areas of concern identified on the referral form related to the condition of the property, in particular draughts and the problems being experienced by the occupier getting in and out of the bath.


However, during the visit and following the assessment we identified a number of areas where we felt we could assist Mrs Smith in making her home warmer and therefore, cheaper to heat which resulted in several referrals being made to various agencies to request their assistance as follows:- 


  • The Community Safety Technician from the Fire Service installed some draught-proofing measures around the lounge windows during the visit to help address this issue, being the main room used by Mrs Smith.

  • Adult Care Services were contacted for any assistance they could provide to help Mrs Smith getting in and out of the bath and whether other measures could be provided to help prevent slips, trips and falls in relation to the flooring.

  • Mrs Smith's details were forwarded onto the Home Energy Team at the Centre of Sustainable Energy (CSE) in relation to our cavity wall and loft insulation offer which is currently being offered to Wiltshire residents subject to meeting the eligibility criteria. 

  • We also requested the assistance of Aster Living Care & Repair – in relation to their Handihelp service which provides a minor repairs, small DIY jobs and maintenance service at competitive rates, to address some matters which needed improvement.

  • An advice leaflet was provided for the Priority Services Register with SSE and information relating to switching energy tariffs through the Citizens Advice Bureau or Age UK.

  • Bobbyvan Trust – a request for a security visit was arranged to help make the home more secure and make Mrs Smith feel safe at home.

  • Helped Mrs Smith to apply for attendance allowance due to her treatment for cancer which then enabled her to have work undertaking by Aster Care and Repair.