Energy loans

In the current climate it can be difficult to find energy efficiency improvements that are fully funded. This is both due to reductions in the amount of funding available and the move towards more expensive improvments like heat pumps or solid wall insulation.

If you find yourself in a position where you would like to improve the energy efficiency of your home but cannot proceed as the upfront cost is too high, there is the option to borrow money to fund this energy efficiency work.

Householders* would fall into one of the two categories below:

  1. Able to pay – you would be classed as an Able to Pay customer if you are not entitled to funding under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

  2. Affordable warmth – you would be classed as an Affordable Warmth customer if you are entitled to ECO funding. To find out more about funding here.


*Landlords can also use the Energy Efficiency loans but will be subjected to different terms and conditions

Able to pay 
You could borrow between £1,000 – 15,000 to fund energy efficiency improvements* in your home such as solar panels, an air source heat pump or solid wall insulation. The loan can also be used to fund multiple improvements.

Affordable Warmth
If you are having insulation improvements* installed in your home like loft or cavity wall insulation or you need a new heating system, and you are able to get some funding through the ECO but it doesn’t cover the full cost of the work, then you may be able to use the Energy Loan to top this up. You can also apply for a loan if the work you would like to do is more focused on renewable energy. You could borrow between £1,000 – 15,000 to fund energy efficiency improvements* 

* The work supported will depend on your local council’s policy and approval


Where do the loans come from?
Energy Efficiency loans are available through Wessex Resolutions, who are a not-for-private-profit Community Interest Company. They work with Local Authorities in the South West region to offer householders low interest loans to help fund energy efficiency measures.

Is my Local Authority taking part in the scheme?
Yes, Wiltshire Council is taking part. Swindon Borough Council uses an alternative scheme. Please get in touch with us for more information.

How do I get a loan?
You would need to contact lendology on 01823 461099 or complete their enquiry form.

They will look into you eligibility for a loan and much you could borrow and the loan best suited to your circumstances.